Summary: Structured page editor
Version: 20150815
Status: Planned
Maintainer: Petko
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Structured page editor.

Recipe not yet fully functional, work is in progress.

Questions answered by this recipe

Wiki markup appears complex and hard to learn for new authors. Is there a simpler, easy to learn way to edit wiki pages?


Edi is a "structured page editor". It facilitates the editing of individual blocks/sections within the structure of the wiki page. It differs from other WYSIWYG editors, because it allows only limited configurations. Nevertheless, it offers the most often used features for a general purpose content editing, and work with it is intuitive. The authors see what they're about to get.

A major inconvenience of WYSIWYG editors is that the content is stored as HTML code which is difficult to search and almost impossible to edit by hand. Edi actually saves the page content in a wiki text very similar to the regular PmWiki markup. Advanced authors could edit an Edi page by hand.


  • Get edi.zip.
  • Place the file "edi.php" in your "pmwiki/cookbook" directory.
  • Place the folder "edi" in your "pmwiki/pub" directory.
  • Add to config.php the following line:
include_once ('cookbook/edi.php');


In a wiki page source, place the Edi markup:
{ { { [ =
!! A heading
= ] } } }

Save the page. When browsing a page with Edi elements, you can edit those. Click on the "Edit" button above or below the element to enter into editing mode. At the right top of every paragraph, heading, table cell or other editable element, there is a small down arrow: click on it to open a menu.


You can disable some features of Edi.

To disable the Preformatted text feature, add to config.php:
$Edi['EnablePre'] = 0;

To disable the WikiText feature, add to config.php:
$Edi['EnableWikiText'] = 0;

To disable the Table editor, add to config.php:
$Edi['EnableTable'] = 0;


Currently the recipe is in pre-alpha quality. Some features may not work, or may be buggy. It may change substantially. Do not use it on a production website.

Change log / Release notes

Version Changes
20150815 Rework of the editor not to use a textarea, some of the previously available features need updates and will not work.
20150804 Pre-alpha public release, ready to be tested.
20150703 Creation of the recipe framework.

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Recipe written and maintained by Petko.


See discussion at Edi-Talk.

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