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It might be nice to include the change summary in the email, but I couldn't work out how to do it easily (without hacking pmwiki.php) as the $ChangeSummary variable is not preserved after exiting the RecentChanges handlers? You could try and * [[Cookbook/RedirectIntermap]] . . . [[Cookbook.RedirectIntermap?action=diff#diff1568531694|September 15, 2019, at 07:14 AM]] %item prev1568531633% by [[~Petko]]: [=[[!PHP72]] [[!PHP74]] (-6)

 in the email.

Unfortunately if the user clicks cancel and leaves the edit form they still get the same message; but this is the nature of $EditRedirectFmt.

You can make your emails look much nicer by inserting line breaks. Use %0A for every line break. Here is a sample message with line breaks incorporated into the complete code required for the Site.AllGroupHeader page:

(:if equal {$notify} true:)
(:div1 id=div1 style='width:580px; align=center; border:1px solid #999; padding:5px; margin-left:25px; margin-bottom:10px;  background:#EEE8CD; border:"solid #cccccc 1px':) Thank you for your edit. Please '''[[mailto:<email1>;<email2>?subject=<Wiki Update> - {*$Author} -  {*$Group}:{*$Namespaced}&body=I have updated the following wiki page:%0A%0A{*$Group}/{*$Name}%0A%0APlease review the technical content.%0A%0A%0AThanks,%0A{$Author}|click here]]''' to inform the relevant people that you have updated the wiki.

Thank you for your edit. Please click here -> mailto:<email1>;<email2>?subject=<Wiki%20Update>%20-%20%20-%20%20Cookbook:Message%20After%20Posting-Talk&body=I%20have%20updated%20the%20following%20wiki%20page:%0A%0Ahttp://url [period] of [period] your [period] wikiCookbook/MessageAfterPosting-Talk%0A%0APlease%20review%20the%20technical%20content.%0A%0A%0AThanks,%0A to inform the relevant people that you have updated the wiki.

Talk page for the MessageAfterPosting recipe (users?).