00860: Add min and max width and height, clear; to [[PmWiki/Tables|table]], div, block, and [[PmWiki/WikiStyles|style]] directives

Summary: Add min and max width and height, clear; to table, div, block, and style directives
Created: 2007-01-10 00:27
Status: Closed - added for 2.2.68
Category: Feature
From: simon
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0 beta
OS: n/a
Wherever the width=123pct or width:auto type of directive is allowed could you please also allow

min-width and max-width. [1] [2]

Similarly for height, please permit min-height and max-height. [3] [4]

Also please add support for the clear:right, clear:left, and clear:both. [5]


%rframe clear=right%Toru
%rframe clear:right%Wha
%lframe clear:left%Rima
%lframe clear=left%Ono
%rframe clear=both%Whitu
%lframe clear:both%Waru

Tahi Rua

Toru Wha Rima Ono Whitu Waru

Please allow quoted attributes, viz

(:table style="width:100%; border:thin dotted red;":)

(:table style="width:'100%'; border:'thin dotted red';":)
doesn't work



doesn't work

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