01060: $LastModifiedSummary in pagelists doesn't work

Summary: $LastModifiedSummary in pagelists doesn't work
Created: 2009-01-08 07:22
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
From: Maxim?
Priority: 4
Version: 2.2.0-beta68
OS: Any

Description: $LastModifiedSummary isn't being parsed any more. Example: http://www.s mspower.org/cheats/ (had to add a space to avoid a bad word; look for "5 recently edited cheats"). See also green edit to http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/PageVariables by "Petko"


(:pagelist group=PITS order=-name name=01* count=5 fmt={$FullName}#pitsentry :)
(:if false:)
(:template first:)
||width=* class='tabtable' style="font-size:smaller;" border=1
||!# ||!Status ||!%red%Last modified summary%% ||!Summary ||
(:template each:)
||[[{=$FullName}]] ||''{=$:Status}'' ||%red%{=$LastModifiedSummary}%% ||{=$:Summary} ||
#StatusLast modified summarySummary
PITS.01453Opensuggestion for compatibility with earlier PHP versions, will notify maintainer (+736)Deprecated create_function() in Monobook skin
PITS.01452Opensee PasswordsAdmin, Troubleshooting (+719)Can't SiteAdmin
PITS.01451Openwww.pmwiki.org/pub/pmwiki/older-releases/ (+704)SimpleTables thead/tbody tags
PITS.01450Closedsecond (:Summаry: overrides the 1st one for the title, closed (+3)Wrong XL strings in Site.EditForm
PITS.01449Closed - updatedThank you for reviewing and reporting. I've updated bothCookbook/ChangeTimeFormat needs update

Seems to have been an artefact of the upgrade process? The template itself seems to have grown some [= tags. Maxim?