I'm Assistant Engineer with a major UK engineering consultancy. Over the years since school, I have done some dabbling in programming; starting with Mercury Autocode to Z80 machine code and Java. Played with with Javascript and HTML and now member of HTML Writers Guild.

Contact me at david (at) ellendee (dot) co (dot) uk

For years I'm well in to folk song and old science fiction/fantasy stories and after a number of trials (including writing my own scripts), I've found PMWiki ideal for my websites:

Now two sites:

Currently I am using the following:

pmwiki version 2.2.0-beta65

Triad with colour 'night'

Using the following recipes:

Also using:

  • custom pagelist sorts to sort numerically
  • custom markup for ads
  • customised $PageTextVarPatterns to allow PTV's of form - Name (Value)
  • custom markup to allow sort by surname and allow Mc and Mac