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Summary: Minimalistic skin inspired by the Dive Into Greasemonkey online book.
Version: 20070125
Status: Stable
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.1
Maintainer: Dfaure
Categories: Skins
Download: grease.zipΔ


This minimalistic skin is inspired from the Dive Into Greasemonkey (dead link <see talk>) online book. I found it visually so pleasant to read that I decided to give it to PmWiki (anyway, a wiki is somewhere also a kind of online book).


To use the Grease skin for your own Wiki, just download grease.zipΔ, extract it into /path/to/pmwiki/pub/skins/ and add the following code to your local configuration file:

 # Specifies the name of the template file
 # to be used to generate pages.
 $Skin = 'grease';


The skin current features are:

  • Full CSS driven (no tables),
  • Zoom support (no fixed size fonts),
  • Developed and tested under IE6/7 and Firefox.
  • Easy page header customization (see below).
This skin implements external links decoration like Monobook skin does. Please refer to it for related hint.

Header customization

All "fixed" parts of the header (title, group/name subtitle, non-contextual actions) may be customized from the configuration file via the $SkinPartFmt array variable, and with regular markup definitions. The skin defaults are:

$SkinPartFmt['wikititle'] = "$WikiTitle - {\$Titlespaced}";

$SkinPartFmt['title'] = '{$Titlespaced}';

    = '[[{$Groupspaced}]]&nbsp;&#8594;&nbsp;[[{$Namespaced}]]';

$SkinPartFmt['actions'] = ...;

$SkinPartFmt['sep'] = '&middot;';

The skin layout prevent using PageActions pages for defining something else than an action list.

As an interesting side effect, the (:title ...:) directive will therefore handle regular markup (emphasis, links, ...).


-- Dfaure


Fixed $EnableStopWatch handling.
Added RecipeInfo data. Fixed header layout (IE7) and i18n issues.
Fixed (:noright:) directive and attachment decoration behavior.
Added header customization feature.
Added handling of Site.PageActions (introduced with PmWiki v2.0 default skin).
Fixed several visual bugs including latest SideBar styling.
Minor bug fix.
Initial release.


Is there a way to reduce the vertical space taken by the header block. When editing a page, it forces you to scroll down to hit the Save, Save and edit, etc. buttons.

Feel free to alter the skins files, or more easily, edit the Site.EditForm to have the buttons before the text area in the edit form. --Dfaure

User notes +1: If you use, used or reviewed "Grease", you can add your name. These statistics appear in the Skins listings and will help newcomers browsing through the wiki.