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Frequently asked questions about pmwiki-mode for Emacs

This section contains FAQ about pmwiki-mode for Emacs.

Q: What is a wiki wiki web?

Click on wiki wiki web to find out. This answer also illustrates the use of wiki words, i.e. a word with several upper case letters that is automtaically turned into a link.

Q:What is Emacs?

Emacs is an editor (among other things) that can be programmed, follow the link to find out more.

Q:What is pmwiki-mode?

pmwiki-mode is a special mode that has been created for Emacs and the mode has custom keyboard shortcuts and syntax highlighting to make it easier to edit wiki pages.

Q:Why should I use pmwiki-mode?

There are numerous reasons, here are some of them:

  • You can use a real editor to work on the source of a WikiPage.
  • It is much faster — you can change the page, save it and reload your browser to see the result and then directly keep editing the page.
  • Syntax highlighting of the PmWiki markup?.
  • You have additional commands that allow you to:

Q:Why was pmwiki-mode created?

pmwiki-mode was written for working with the Lyx wiki-wiki site, where LyX is a WYSIWYM document processor (What You See Is What You Mean). However, pmwiki-mode works with any PmWiki wiki engine.

Q:Who created pmwiki-mode?

pmwiki-mode was written by Christian Ridderström, who based it on another Emacs mode, SimpleWikiEditMode [www.emacswiki.org], that enables you to edit pages from the Emacs wiki-wiki site [www.emacswiki.org] from within in Emacs.

Q:What does pmwiki-mode look like?

Q:Can I use pmwiki-mode to edit pages on a wiki site that demands login?

Short answer: No. Long answer: depends. The URI transforms page describes how to enable "basic" authentification (which is something the web-server does). If you've got the standard pmwiki password enabled, you're out of luck.