XES -- aka (The) Crisses legally Rev. Criss Ittermann

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We are not your normal run-of-the-mill geek. I (we) am (are) the owner & sole-proprietor of Eclectic Tech, LLC, and an out-of-the-closet multiple (as in multiple personality). I published my coming-out-story/autobiography in July 2009.

These are some of my own wikis. Most are closed-edit:

And have professionally installed, configured & customized many wikis, including:

Our contributions to PmWiki include:

Upcoming Modules I may be working on:

  • Add-on for AuthUserDbase: PayPal subscriptions
  • iCalendar events
  • Shopping Cart Module
  • Classified ads
    • Page expirations/listings expire
    • Distance by zip code?
  • Obscured download links
  • Email-to-Wiki
  • paid (PayPal) subscriptions tied into the AuthUserDBase authentication
    • AuthUserDBase group management
    • AuthUserDBase admin panel
  • change page ratings recipe to include aye/nay/abstain for group proposals
  • expand the business directory - may use the vCard format
  • moderator approval for pages/listings/data, etc.
  • private messaging that works a bit like webmail

Other pages I'm keeping an eye on: